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  • 1000w DE HPS Adjustable Wing Grow Light

Whenever we’re asked to identify the best available reflector, our answer is always the same... the Adjustable Wing Reflector.

This complete 1000w DE grow light kit delivers 400v Super HPS technology for a truly breath-taking price. Really, nothing else in this price bracket comes close. You're getting three very highly specialised pieces of professional growing equipment: the digital high frequency ballast, the Super HPS 400v DE 1000w bulb and the DE Adjustable Wing Reflector. When put together they'll perform on a par with systems built by the likes of Gavita and Dimlux, delivering an enhanced lumen output, happier, healthier plants and most excitingly of all, yield increases of anything up to 20%.

400 Volt Super HPS technology is much more efficient than standard HPS, running at a higher frequency with a higher voltage and a lower current, producing a greater lumen output for the same power consumption. The 1000w DE HPS kit offers you this professional grade technology for a price that's within the budgets of most hobbyists! Expect to see an increase in yield of anything up to 20% over a typical HPS set-up!

This double-ended (DE) 1000w bulb has a ridiculously high PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) rating at 2050 umol/m2/s. What this essentially means is that the plants underneath it will be bathed in high levels of useable plant light. This in turn produces a long list of obvious benefits - increased growth rates, overall improvements in health and vigour and greatly increased final weights. The 1000w Super HPS DE bulb has been specially optimised for use with adjustable digital ballasts. The digital high frequency ballast offers four output settings, effectively giving you three systems in one: a 600 watt system, a 750watt system and a 1000 watt system complete with overdrive feature (1150 watts). While other lamps often lose efficiency and produce a weaker spectral output when turned down below their rated output, our 1000w DE bulbs are optimised to maintain a consistent spectrum, regardless of the setting, losing little in terms of efficiency, even when dropping right down to 600 watts.

Main Features

  • High-Frequency Super HPS Lighting
  • Fully switchable - HPS or MH
  • The most efficient HPS bulb on the market
  • Ballast with 95% efficiency rating
  • Soft Start eases in lamps over a period of 3 to 5 minutes
  • Certified 95% reflective aluminium
  • Extremely high levels of photosynthetically active radiation - PAR Value 2050 umol/m2/s      

If you have any further enquires about this complete grow light kit please get in touch with the Hydrosmart Team.

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1000w DE HPS Adjustable Wing Grow Light

  • Brand: Hydrosmart
  • Product Code: 1000w DE HPS Adjustable Wing Grow Light
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  • £225.00